Has anyone else read this article?

Does anyone else find this extremely disturbing? That someone should be paid such a huge sum of money to promote the ‘No Child Left Behind’ program seems totally wrong. “That almost no one would notice, let alone protest, is a snapshot of our cultural moment, in which hidden agendas in the presentation of “news” metastasize daily into a Kafkaesque hall of mirrors that could drive even the most earnest American into abject cynicism.” I think the deeper problem is that I don’t even watch Crossfire. I don’t know who to trust for the news. It seems like each media outlet has its own agenda and I feel like when I read news, I constantly have to be on the lookout for whatever they are pushing, be it pro-Bush or anti-Bush (and obviously I am more attuned to the anti-Bush stuff, but I try to see both sides).
Anyway, this article is really disturbing, but I doubt it will go far. People will read it and get mad and turn their attention elsewhere. It’s hard to constantly be angry about the state of the union especially when you feel like nothing changes and your voice doesn’t matter.