Litbloggers Unite!

The Denver Post has an article on litblogs featuring some of my favorites Maud Newton, Mark Sarvas aka TEV, Carrie Frye aka Tingle Alley, Max Perkins of BookAngst, and Traver Kauffman aka The Rake (had know idea that was his real name, how funny!). And yours truly is mentioned! It’s the first time seeing my name in print, although the context is for having a funny name. And there is a hyphen. But whatever! It’s still exciting.

8 thoughts on “Litbloggers Unite!

  1. patricia

    Yes; I feel like Sally Field: “You like me! You really like me!”

    Silly, but who cares? I shall bask in the brief but wondrous glory. And then I’ll go clean the toilet.


  2. bookdwarf

    I thought maybe you were Dan Brown lurking on the pages to see what all the other kids are saying about you. Good to know you are just a crank! (Please don’t slap me)


  3. booksquare

    Hey dwarf — very cool article. I could almost say “I know her”. In fact, I probably did.

    Loved your responses to the Emerging Writers interview…I really enjoyed reading about by cohorts in crime!


  4. bookdwarf

    Thanks Booksquare! I feel rather lame being this excited about seeing my name in print. Or I feel like I should feel lame. But I don’t. I am excited.


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