King Arthur’s knights were Sarpathian? Really?

My friend Briana and I decided to plunk down $6.25 (not inluding popcorn of course) to see King Arthur, the new Jerry Bruckheimer extravaganza. Wow. I don’t know where to start. So I am not going to say much. We pretty much expected what we got. But we still want to know what the hell this ‘new archeological evidence’ is that they have uncovered that makes Arthur a Roman in charge of a bunch of Sarpathian knights (aka the Knights of the Round table). It was enough for us to watch Clive Owen for a few hours. Plus Ioan Gruffudd is not too bad either. Keira Knightly on the other hand managed to overact her ridiculous part as Guinevere. Whatever. I mention this because Briana asked about the movie meme I posted last week and what exactly was the basis for the list. She said I should put together my own list of favorite movies to post. So that is what I am working on currently. I will probably post it tomorrow. It is more difficult than I thought as there are so many movies to pick from . The list will be just my top 50 movies. So you can judge and laugh and comment sometime tomorrow.