Who knew long hair and dead white men were hot?

What is with the spate of movies based on Classics? First comes Troy. Now A&E is trying to get in on the action by presenting a ‘documentary’ on historic Troy, but really is nothing more than a promotion for the movie.
Then we have Vin Diesel appearing in a movie due to come out next year based on Hannibal. Great. And don’t forget the Oliver Stone movie Alexander, starring Colin Farrell as Alexander and also includes Jared Leto, Angelina Jolie, Val Kilmer and more. See the picture below:

And just in case you hadn’t gotten enough of Alexander, Baz Luhrman is set to direct an as yet unnamed movie about Alexander too. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Nicole Kidman. Did Gladiator really bring this about? It’s just going to induce more heartattacks among the elder Classicists when they realize all the historical errors (read lunacy) that occur, which may not be such a bad thing.

1 thought on “Who knew long hair and dead white men were hot?

  1. V-bunny

    Hehe, that cracks me up. I think they just ran out of ideas and sequels and decided to go way back for something “new”. I haven’t seen Troy yet but I get the feeling that with all my classical training (5 years of Latin, a childhood obsession with Classics and mythology (and fairy tales), a fairly extensive knowledge of Roman and Greek lore that could probably get me on Jeopardy), Troy will cause me as much damage as it does to those old fussy Classicists. But then again, I don’t mind seeing Orlando Bloom in a skirt (never mind, Brad Pitt).


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