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Going all girly on y’all, but I could not resist once I read this article in the NYT on a new brand of feminine hygiene products. The woman who started this company, which is called Dittie, realized that women were treated like they were sick when they got their periods.

“It’s no surprise women feel cursed. Take a look at the feminine protection aisle in your local drugstore; it looks like a hospital! Women are being treated like they’re sick when they’re not. They just have their periods,” said Barbara Carey, president and founder of Dittie, which launched today in retail outlets throughout California. “I created Dittie because I realized there was an overwhelming need for a new brand of feminine protection that did not approach a woman’s monthly cycle as an ailment. That’s why Dittie looks like something you’d find at the cosmetic counter, not in the pharmaceutical aisle.”

Huh. I am not sure what to make of this. I applaud her efforts to de-stigmatize menstruation, but I fear she is making this a little too cutesy for my taste. Check out the website. They have a flash tampon bowling game. Sigh. The other companies, Tampax (owned by Proctor & Gamble), Playtex, Johnson & Johnson sure don’t seem as exciting as this brand. Their commericials are terrible! They are embarassing. So we will see if this new upstart company survives. If their guerilla marketing tactics will work.

2 thoughts on “Feminine Protection

  1. Briana

    According to the NYTimes article, “…Kotex Lightdays now come in scents like aloe whisper.”



  2. Licketysplit

    I dunno man, I hate being forcibly empowered. Have you seen the Tampax as with the woman plugging the leak in the boat? At least they actually show the tampon out of the package now. I wrote to Tampax last year and told them they should come up with a line of tampons shaped like cute animals, but they did not buy in.


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