Fuck quirkyalone

Okay, I will be straight with you—I hate quirkyalone. The very thought of it dredges up rage for me. I have no issue with being single, deciding that you want out of the dating scene, the preference for alone time even when in a relationship, the notion of, gasp, going to movies alone. But come people, what’s with the fucking stupid name? I came across this today in my daily web reading (sorry, reader, I don’t know how to indent the text yet):

A “quirkyalone party” has been planned in New York for Valentine’s Day. Several dateless thirtysomethings plan to attend, crying for hours into a collective cistern, and then spending the afternoon dwelling on their misery rather than ignoring the silly holiday (like most single people). The Quirkyalone label that has now been trademarked. An I Am Quirkyalone! Hear Me Wilt! affirmation video can be found in Wal-Mart in August.

This came from Ed here. The NY Post article made me want to cry. Cagen has a book coming out and I refuse to link to it, as I want this whole notion to disappear. Its a mearketing ploy. I hate terms that label people. There’s Metrosexual, Quirkyalone, etc. Why are we letting mass media market to us? Its ridiculous. I refuse to buy into the notion. Grrrr. The best line from the NY Post article:

“The very idea of quirkyalone organization kind of defeats the whole idea of being quirky and alone. It’s like having a hermit club,” she {Judith O’Brien} says.