Happy Friday!

What a great day so far! I worked my first register shift today in the store. Can you believe I’ve worked here for ten years and never had to run the register? I could do most of it, but was never called upon to do so. Until today! I’ve conquered a brave new frontier. Okay, not really, but I found it fun and plan to keep on doing it.

What else made my day great? Cynthia Crossen mentioned me as a blog she likes to read in the Wall Street Journal‘s Dear Book Lover column. Wow. I’m flattered. So thanks to anyone new to my site. I feel reinvigorated and promise to start posting regularly again. Now that my buying season is done, I can devote more time to writing and reading.

10 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Jason

    Congrats on the mention. I really enjoy your blog, as well.

    Interesting typo in your post, however. It’s “Dear” book lover, not “Dead.” Funny.


  2. happyclam2

    And thanks to Cynthia Crossen, I found you today too! I’ve printed out your reading lists for years 07,08,09 for a newly forming book club. I must confess I enjoyed the 2007 list where you made comments on the books. Why did you stop making comments? Happily I did find many books I’ve also read and now I’ll have the fun of checking out the rest. FYI: am currently reading:
    1. The Man Who Loved China by Simon Winchester
    2. The Informant by Kurt Eichenwald
    3. When a Crocodile Eats the Sun by Peter Godwin
    and on the bedside table:
    1. Madame Chiang Kai-Shek by Laura Tyson Li
    2. The Frozen-Water Trade by Gavin Weightman
    3. The Last Days of Old Beijing by Michael Meyer
    This latter will give me a few pangs as I have memories of trooping through the old hutongs of Beijing in 2005 with one of our sons; it was an incredible adventure.
    Congrats on having your blog widely recognized and kudos to the Harvard ‘Coop.’


  3. David

    Found your blog via Ms. Crossen’s mention also (via mention of her at Publisher’s Marketplace). Oblique is in. Congratulations on the high profile high-five. I used to visit the bookstore at the “coop” often and miss it muchisimo now that we’re in AZ. Best of luck with the blog (and on the registers) and I’ll look forward to more posts.


  4. Patrick Hung

    Just caught up on my Wall Street Journal reading for the day, and here I am after reading Ms. Crossen’s column. I look forward to browsing your book lists and reading your posts.


  5. Jackson

    Like others, it was the Wall Street Journal column that led me to your blog. I plan to stick around and see what you recommend. I skimmed your recounting of preparing fried chicken. Anybody who loves fried chicken is already all right in my “book.”


  6. eileen

    Thanks to Cynthia Crossen I now have a great source to learn about books I might never otherwise read. I plan to spend some time reading your blog and reviews.


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