She’s Back!

Oh boy, this is awkward. I’ve been gone from here for so long! I went away on a fabulous vacation to Mexico and never really came back. My mind has been stuck on the beach reading. I read about a book a day for seven days–what luxury! And what did I read, you might ask? Here’s the list:

And since then, I’ve read:

And I’m currently enjoying The Informers by Juan Gabriel Vasquez.

All were good books, but if I had to say which I liked best, I would say Lush Life, The Great Perhaps, and Into the Beautiful North. Looking at my list, I’m realizing that I don’t read many books written by women which I hadn’t noticed until now. That’s what I’ve been doing.

And I’m also addicted to Twitter now, another reason I haven’t written here in a while. My handle is @Bookdwarf of course.

Also Mr. Bookdwarf and I are going to get married.

That’s my news for now.

8 thoughts on “She’s Back!

  1. Gnoe

    Congrats on your engagement! 🙂

    IMHO Enduring Love has the best beginning of a book _ever_. But of course… that’s when you don’t know yet what is going to happen.


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