My Worst Nightmare

This article by John Flinn about being on a 16 hour flight with no reading material made me shudder. I go everywhere with a book. Mr. Bookdwarf makes fun of me. If we’re just going for a walk, I actually decide whether to take one with me or not. What if we get stuck somewhere? Given a few extra minutes, I’ll whip my book out. I even read while brushing my teeth. I can’t remember a day having gone by where I didn’t read anything. I’m a book-a-holic.

10 thoughts on “My Worst Nightmare

  1. Erika

    I too, am a book-a-holic…and my partner makes fun of me for it (he also will sing the praises of living with a book-a-holic because if I’m reading, then I’m happy and stay out of his way). When I buy a new purse, I take several different sized books to “book-test” the bag. If I can’t fit a paperback in it, I’m not buying it.


  2. zan

    I’ll join the club, “what if we get stuck somewhere?” being my mantra as well. When caught slipping a book into my bag before a romantic dinner, or a short walk to the market, I’ll use the excuse that it’s to weigh the bag down, otherwise it might blow off my shoulder. When really the truth is that I read as much as I can in thirty second elevator rides.


  3. bookdwarf Post author

    I do the same thing with bags! There’s no point in a bag that won’t hold a book in my opinion. Mr. Bookdwarf is used to this by now. He just rolls his eyes.


  4. Brandon

    I always take a book with me, even if I don’t expect to read. Just having a book just comforts me, in the same way a crucifix comforts some people. Call me weird.

    I can’t imagine flying without a book. I read “The Brooklyn Follies” on a roundtrip flight from Tampa to Denver last weekend.


  5. Winnie

    Because of the fear of having nothing to read on bus/train or when waiting for people, I often go out with a big bag. The only time I can be sure to use a small handbag or even a clutch is when I do the grocery shopping or walk around in the neighborhood.


  6. Susan

    I bring a book wherever I go–I call it my security book. If something happens, I’ll be okay as long as I have a book to pass the time.

    As addictions go, it isn’t a bad one!


  7. Brad Listi

    I’m a bit of a nervous flier and am oddly soothed by bad tabloid magazines while in flight. I don’t think I’m alone. I hope I’m not alone. Am I the only one out here who feels that Star magazine has a delicious narcotic effect at 35,000 feet?

    It is my great literary shame.


  8. Melissa

    Thank goodness there are more people out there like me. I just got done traveling about 6 hours on the road, and had only brought with me a book, Landmark Status , that my mother mailed to me the previous day. I was highly impressed, and very happy with the selection. Thank you mom, for keeping me sane on a long drive.


  9. Emily Russo Murtagh

    I’ve actually started carrying two bags everyday. One: my purse with my wallet, Burt’s Bees, and other various stuff, and my store’s tote bag, filled with at least 5-6 galleys I was supposed to have had by yesterday.


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