8 thoughts on “Reader of Depressing Books

  1. Billy Sauce

    Eeeee Eee Eeee involves aliens, a Dominoes pizza car, dolphins, Elijah Wood, Wong Kar-Wai, Sean Penn, a 23 year-old named Andrew, his friend Steve, his ex-girlfriend, Sara, a high-schooler named Ellen, dolphins, bears, moose, hamsters, statues of the president, as well as many other wonderful beings who pine for the future, or are confused or depressed, or who piss on the floor in the piano room, which Andrew hopes never to clean up.

    “Cash in a suitcase,” Andrew thinks, as he contemplates selling his parent’s house in order to go on out-of-control killing rampages while eating vegan pizzas and soy cheese.

    Tao Lin is the Asia Miranda July.


  2. cynthia gellert

    Tod Goldberg reviewed the novel this week for a newspaper in las vegas and called it maddeningly self referential, but also said some nice stuff, too. There’s a link on his (goldberg’s) website.


  3. Billy Sauce

    Goldberg’s review seemed abstract and unsubstantial to me. The parts he criticized were the ones that made me laugh out loud. He didn’t liek that Tao introduced bears, moose, aliens, and other creatures into the book, but those creatures were awfully funny, as well as frequently profound.


  4. Billy

    Lin is now running a youtube promotional campaign feature for his books. He will also be in the largest newspaper in China. It’s a paper you can read in english though.


  5. CC

    Hi there-My brill friend just read it (10-2009) and it is “her new fav bk.” I will look foward to reading this novel as I have read A’s writing and her book recs and all she seems to offer is …..genius!


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