Freaking Brilliant Idea About Book Covers

Bud posted about Penguin publishing blank covered books so that the reader can create their own cover. Of course, they’re doing this in the UK. No word on if this will be happening here in the US. Check out the cool My Penguin gallery website.

In my opinion, book covers can make or break a book. Often, publishers will retool a cover between hardcover and paperback release if the sale weren’t great. And you might have noticed the trends in book covers. Why do business books always have ugly covers? Why do I need a book with a picture of Jack Welch on it? The same can be said for chick lit (I’m not bringing up the pro or cons here, just the covers)? The pastel martini glass/high-heeled shoe design is so overdone. I wonder what sort of covers we could come up with?

Addendum: Speaking of cool looking books, check out these redesigned Penguin Classics, up for auction on Abebooks. (thanks Condalmo!) I heart that Crime and Punishment.

4 thoughts on “Freaking Brilliant Idea About Book Covers

  1. DH

    I second the love for that re-designed Crime And Punishment.

    Oh to be able to participate in that auction. Where’s a winning lottery ticket when you need one?


  2. theteach

    I’m not sure I like the blank covers idea. I don’t think I could stand carrying around a book with amateur crayon pictures drawn by me on it. It’s really important to me (esp with paperbacks) that the covers are sharp, clean, not bent or marked in any way. I’m really obsessed with the covers of books and I want them perfect. maryt


  3. Michael

    The designer in me would love to take a crack at those beautiful, blank canvases…!

    Let’s hope they bring the idea across the pond!



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